Thursday, November 15, 2018

Homemade Incubator Using a Velleman Thermostat Kit

Make a Homemade Incubator using a velleman thermostat Kit,this is a fairly simple Homemade incubator to construct,its temperature is controlled by a velleman thermostat kit

Raising Chickens, Important terms you should know

Raising chickens is incredibly fun and very rewarding. They are amazing pets and are unfortunately underrated and not thought of as first options by people looking to buy pets

Bearded Dragon Egg Incubation

A short video of my incubation set up for my bearded dragon eggs. Please comment with advise. This is my first time incubating eggs.

Hatching Chicken Eggs In Your Backyard

Hatching chicken eggs is not only fun, it’s healthy too. Welcome to where we teach you how to hatch and raise healthy, happy chickens. What a great idea for a Science Fair Project. You can find all supplies for this project at

Make a Home Made Brooder

Make a home made brooder – the construction of a home made brooder is a much simpler affair than designing and building an incubator,for a start unlike an egg incubator it does not necessarily have to be temperature controlled,this is something you could add if you wish but it isnt a necessity,I have raised many […]

Chicken Egg Incubation for Beginners

Chicken Egg Incubation for Beginners – if you are new to chicken egg incubation you have probably started doing some research into chicken egg incubation and have found there are some very expensive chicken egg incubators on the market and also some much cheaper ones available,basically the more expensive chicken egg incubators tend to make […]